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The Control Syrium is a collaboration Wiki full of bio's, information and general areas of interest for the characters, settings and miscellanious things involved in the story "The Control Syrium."

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In the year 2015, a faction known as Khaotic Implement rises to power from literally nowhere, completely concealing their identity to the population. After hiding for so long, gathering the necessary military power by using many underground supporters, they planned an ambuscade. They miraculously overthrew the government effortlessly. This group of superhumans now dictate the world with a relentless iron ruling.

This is the tale of a daunting, involuntary quest through the Timestream. A heroic man named Willman, with an unwavering determination, living in the new dark ages of 2025 ruled by the dark faction, K.I.'s, iron will, agreed to volunteer for a human experiment for a drug called CPES (Complete Performance Enhancing Serum). Through a set of circumstances, Willman is sent to the past, and now intends to rid K.I.'s corrupted stain off of the planet.